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Internet marketing. SEO - Some realities, drawbacks and tools.

Atlanta realtorsI read loads of Internet post of so called real estate professionals that turns out to be more hype than reality.  I  have been on the Internet for over 12 years, and over 85% of our income is directly Internet related, I 've made a lot of observations that directly impact my Internet business, and consult with real estate web developers, programmers etc.  One of the main factors once a website is found on a search query is the load time of the page.  If the page does not load quickly, the buyer move's on.  No sale!  It is a frustration factor.  So no matter what materials are contained in web page, the rule I used to use when dial up predominated the market was a 14 second load time.  Since broadband usage now comprises over 52% of all users, I've raised the bench mark to the audience I would like to reach.  However there are limits.

Many of the speakers, and seminar hosts today focus on the glitz in the business rather than the limitations of the technical realities and limiting factors of selling real estate or actually selling anything on the Internet.  It is interesting how much BS gets a pass.  High five, and attaboys/girls are the norm. But then again these seminar hosts, moderators, and so called "experts" do not sell real estate on the internet,  They sell services, and seminars. Perhaps they can hook you up with a coach for a monthly fee, or have you enrolled in a Internet boot camp, or enroll you in a pay per click plan that will never work!  All for a nominal fee of course.

I was recently looking at a so called # 1 real estate sites of the year,  loaded with Awards, and Accolades to the MAX!  And as I was looking at the site, I realized the load times of the web page was off the charts! I mean this website was so loaded down it might as well be the the anchor for the Titanic!  I am talking about load times of over 280 seconds!!!!  No graphics were optimized,  there were distracting flash plug ins, cookies, script errors that all added to the mix.  Lets come into the real world people!  Why do we give awards to something that does not work.

If you have a real estate website, it is good to run some test once and a while to make sure it will ever work.  Here are some free tools I use to check load times. 


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Comment balloon 13 commentsJim Crawford • January 26 2007 10:06AM
Internet marketing. SEO - Some realities, drawbacks and tools.
I read loads of Internet post of so called real estate professionals that turns out to be more hype than reality. I have been on the Internet for over 12 years, and over 85% of our income is directly Internet related, I 've made a lot of… more
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